Montwood Medical provides complete Pediatric Services for El Paso for children ages newborn to 18 years of age.

We at Montwood Medical are specialists in the care of infants, children and adolescents.

We aim to establish a trusting partnership between parent and providers allowing us to work together for the benefit of your child. To accomplish this we remain available 24 hours a day, everyday.

Our providers are well trained and Board Certified. Our dedicated office staff has been hand picked to help ensure that our families receive quality care.

As we continue to educate ourselves in the newest research available we strive to also pass on that information to our families.


When looking for a pediatrician, it's important that you not only feel confident in our ability to care for your child, but also feel comfortable with our practice and our principals on child rearing. While you might not always agree with our advice about putting your child to bed on time, you should feel totally confident in the care provided. Trust is paramount in the relationship between parent and pediatrician. You should feel comfortable asking questions & voicing your concerns. View some easy questions, and our answers, to see if we're a good match for you!


Common Questions to ask when Searching for a Provider for your child!


Generally, when looking for a pediatrician it is important that you feel comfortable with them. Ideally you should share the same principals of child rearing. You might not always agree with advice given about putting your child to bed on time but you should feel totally comfortable about the care provided to a sick child. This is paramount in the relationship between parent and pediatrician. You should feel comfortable asking questions, whether they arise from a conversation with another mom or from an article on the internet. Some easy questions (and our answers!) are listed below.


Who is in your practice?

We have 3 family practioner/Pediatricians, 3 Nurse Practitioners and a Physician Assistant. We all are with a common shared love of children.


Do your hours accommodate working parents?

We are always striving to help families who have two working parents. We have Saturday hours and have extended morning and evening hours to work around most parents' schedules.


Do you have separate waiting areas for sick and well children?

Yes, we also bring children with rashes in the back entrance and attempt to move them to a room without exposing any other children in the process in case they have a contagious rash.


Will I always see the same provider?

In most cases you can schedule appointments with the same person each time. Don't worry if your provider is not available, however. The provider you make an appointment with will have access to your medical records to provide a seamless care experience.


How often do you see infants the first year?

We see infants often the first year for routine well infant exams. We start at 4 days old and continue at 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. Each visit gives us the opportunity to answer questions, do education and update vaccines.


Are you always on time for appointments?

No - I cannot promise to always be on time. Urgent situations take place that I have no control over and take more of my time. In addition, I strive to listen to you and sometimes either what you say or the advice I give to you takes longer then either of us planned. I do understand, however, how important your time is and work very hard to stay on schedule.


What are your views on breastfeeding and circumcisions?

Numerous studies point out the many benefits of breastfeeding and we support mothers that make this decision. Some mothers cannot breastfeed for a variety of reasons and we will work with you to provide different options in this case. Circumcisions used to be recommended as a method to decrease infections of the urinary tract in males. Studies show that this decrease in infection rate is small. They have been shown, however, to reduce the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in adult men. Most people making a decision will consider religious or cosmetic reasons also. We do not provide this service but will be happy to share with you more information on this procedure if requested.


What is your opinion about antibiotics for sick children?

We are facing a time period when we see some bacteria become resistant to our antibiotics. For this reason in particular, we weigh seriously each decision to treat an infection with antibiotics. We will be more pro-active and start antibiotics in a newborn whose immune system has not developed and we have concerns about a bacterial infection. In an older child, we often adopt the 'wait and see' philosophy. This allows us to better identify bacterial infections and treat only when necessary. It also gives a child's immune system a chance to identify the infecting bug and build up resistance to future infections.


Please call our office with any further questions about our practice at 915-8558550


Psychological Services


Montwood Medical recognizes the need for collaboration between the medical and mental health communities. That's why we have partnered with mental health counselor Mr Curtis Hoppe to provide mental health services in our offices. Mr Hoppe provides counseling, behavior therapy and a variety of assessments. While our physicians and other providers provide medical treatment and the prescribing of medications, be aware that a counselor is not a medical doctor and cannot write prescriptions.


Curtis Hoppe MHC -c


I feel very fortunate to be a member of the team at Montwood medical center. I enjoy working with children and adolescents and have done so for 15 years. I first became acquainted with montwood medical as a patient. I appreciated the kind and professional care I received and now I am fortunate to be a provider.


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